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Peri-Operative Nutrition


Impact Formulas: An Evidence-Based Choice - Proper nutrition specifically designed to support the body’s immune system is very important for surgical and critically ill patients. Certain risks associated with major elective surgery or trauma may be reduced by modifying specific nutrients in the diet. Impact formulas contain a unique blend of nutrients, including L-arginine, omega-3 fatty acids and nucleotides, to help meet the distinct nutritional needs of major surgical or trauma patients.

  • OPTIMIZE RECOVERY - Perfect for surgery & injury. Filled with vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, amino acids, and more to optimize your chances of a fast and strong recovery 

  • PHYSICIAN-MADE, SURGERY-SAFE FORMULA W/ REQUIRED SURGERY-LEVEL DOSAGES - Premium, highly absorbable nutrition: Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Probiotics, Vitamins & Minerals shown to aid recovery. Flavorless, easy to consume supplement pills. No unpalatable or messy shakes 

  • MAXIMIZE NUTRITIONAL STATUS & PREVENT DEPLETION OF KEY NUTRIENTS - Help reduce surgical recovery complications with the EFFECTIVE DOSAGES REQUIRED per the human clinical trials. Separated into Pre-Op & Post-Op regimens for optimal safety & results 

  • SURGERY-SAFE, SURGEON & ANESTHESIOLOGIST APPROVED RECOVERY VITAMIN - HealFast is the industry leading surgery supplement backed by a network of physicians to provide a fast recovery 

  • Formulated by an Anesthesiologist: Clear drink that decrease hunger, thirst and nausea typically associated with pre-surgery fasting 

  • Reduce Post-Surgery Complications: Provides 100 grams of natural carbohydrates in the 2-bottle protocol to enable healthy body function 

  • Premium Ingredients: Vegan, kosher, dairy-free, and gluten-free drink made with natural ingreidents and containing no artificial colors, dyes or flavors 

  • Enahnces Recovery: Helps to reduce infection rates and length of stay in the hospital by promoting insulin stability throughout the perioperative period

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