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Work Hard, Play Hard

I grew up in the suburbs of North Atlanta until I left for college at the University of Georgia. From there I met my future wife while on a medical mission trip in Costa Rica, which brought me to metro-Detroit for medical school and residency. I then made it back to the south for fellowship in Greenville, SC and practice in Charlotte, NC.

I grew up playing team sports and have become a big outdoorsman. My wife is now my adventure partner as we hike, bike, kayak, and raft our way around the world!

All About Me

I truly enjoy being an orthopaedic sports surgeon. Excelling and improving your craft with the rapid advancement of technology and research is both fulfilling and exciting.


Similarly, as a surgeon, we have a unique privilege to offer aide and counsel patients, with the greatest armamentarium of treatment options available to any other musculoskeletal healthcare provider.


As a surgeon, my duties and responsibilities not only rest with my patients, but also with my staff and allied healthcare providers. I work with athletic trainers, physical therapists, primary care providers, physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) physicians, and other orthopaedic surgeons to facilitate exceptional patient care.  

Lastly, I am actively involved in education and research, teaching through national associations/conferences and working to advance the orthopaedic field through an improved understanding of sports pathology and improved surgical technology. 

I constantly strive to be able, affable, & available.

Justin T. Smith, MD in a mock patient encounter explaining a concept to a patient



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